Inco Fido - IF
Inco Fido - IF

What the @#$% is an iNCO FIdO?!

From PA Rock Show

iNCO FIdO is known for their non-stop high energy live shows, that have been described as a party on a stage, and, to quote Punksburgh, “A band that you must see live.” Although iNCO FIdO is not really a ska band in the traditional sense, the ska community has embraced them with open arms, and have played with such bands as, The Slackers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Mustard Plug, The Pietasters, Save Ferris, Mephiskaphelese, and The Toasters.

in-kOH fIE-doh

ˌɪnˈkoʊ faɪdoʊ


"It’s unique, it’s refreshing, 

it’s 'Alternative Rock 

with Horns.' 

Just as they promised me."


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The Musicians

  • C-Daddy - Lead Vocals
  • Smooth McGroove - Drums
  • Just Jason - Keys
  • CNote - Guitar
  • Mr. Halloween - Trumpet
  • DreamCrusher - Sax
  • Bloody Gums Magee - Sax 
  • Always Ray- Sax
  • Bubby - Percussion
  • Max Philign- Bass